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Zerrutti Champagne Flute
In modern times, wine producers believe a fine, slender glass not only shows the champagne more attractively, but allows the delicate bubbles to be highlighted and preserved as long as possible. A long, steady stream of bubbles encourages the airing process of champagne, and the narrow, elegant, conical flute of this glass allows the bubbles to stream. The length of time the bubbles continue to rise, is an indication of the champagnes maturity.   ..
Single Price: AU $35.00
Zerrutti Tecno Decanter
Another modern design based on the principles of traditional wine presentation. This elegant, angled, 11% lead crystal decanter offers a large surface area for breathing, whilst perfect balance and a basket style handle allows for pouring control without drips. ..
Single Price: AU $145.00
Zerrutti New Line Decanter
A simple but elegant crystal decanter of modern style perfect for any table. ..
Single Price: AU $70.00
Zerrutti Ultimo Taster
Made in Italy, the Zerrutti Ultimo Taster Glass was initially developed to enhance the special qualities of Shiraz, however upon testing, the design qualities proved it to be ideal for tasting a wide variety of wines. Consideration has also been given to the actual user of the glass. Maximum size has been given to the bowl, without upsetting the equilibrium of the glass. Even when full, the glasses are not awkward to hold and retain excellent balance. The size is perfect for use with everyday meals and can be placed closely together in a table setting. It has a proportio..
Single Price: AU $15.00
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